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Last update 01/25/2009

IMPORTANT:  TO DO A SITE SURVEY You must agree to be bound by the RULES FOR USE

Pay particular to the area of respecting privacy and property rights of station locations and observers.

Many weather stations are located on private or restricted property. Permission must be obtained from the site curator, property owner, or facilities manager before conducting any site survey.

How to find a USHCN station near you:

  1. Locate the station from the USHCN master list, click to open to see if the site has been surveyed yet. They are sorted by state and city. Locate ones near you.
  2. Open the NOAA MMS Station locator to get better latitude/longitude coordinates, press "Guest Login" button and then type station name in the search box.
  3. Locate the station in the list, note detailed latitude and longitude info which you can put into Google Earth or similar mapping program to help locate the station.
  4. Click on the Name of the station, it will pop up a new window. Note below the "Begin Date"  there is a highlighted link with the actual dates, click the date to open details.
  5. Look for "Location Tab" in the MMS results and that will tell you the name of the observer, be it a private residence, government entity, or organization. Do additional Google searches as needed for the name, city, state and you may locate a telephone number.
  6. Download our "How to Guide" and station Survey form here and begin the station survey per those instructions

You'll need to do some additional sleuthing to locate the station, as the lat/lon coordinates are very coarse and will only get you to within about 1 mile of the actual location. We have tips on how to do that. download our "How to Guide" and station Survey form here

Anyone can browse images and site surveys, if you'd like to participate and upload your own site surveys and photos, we ask that you register.