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used for the climate surface temperature record


Forest Grove, OR (air conditioner exhaust blowing directly on temperature shelter, nearby asphalt and buildings)
forestgrove.jpg Forest Grove USHCN station via Google Earth Forest Grove Temperature Plot

More photos: http://gallery.surfacestations.org/main.php?g2_itemId=1493

Marysville, CA (close by parking, air conditioners blowing exhaust near MMTS temp sensor, BBQ used by firefighters, cell phone tower base)


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Tahoe City, CA (burn barrel, close by parking, tennis court surface 25 feet away built in early 1980's)

Tahoe City looking southTahoe City looking northTahoe City combination weather station and trash incineratorTahor City Temperature plot

More photos: http://gallery.surfacestations.org/main.php?g2_itemId=694

Roseburg, OR (MMTS shelter on roof, near a/c exhaust)

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Aberdeen, WA ( large heat source: sewage treatment plant - nearby parking, hot automobile radiators )

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Lodi, CA (nearby parking, asphalt, dumpster, nearby building, storage container)

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Petaluma, CA (a/c units nearby, MMTS strapped to deck, 6' from building, lots of nearby tarmac, prevailing wind UHI effect from SW)

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Redding, CA (lightbulb in temperature shelter, nearby asphalt and buildings, lots of airport tarmac)

More photos: http://gallery.surfacestations.org/main.php?g2_itemId=682

Hopkinsville, KY Picture at left is most current, others are from years ago. (MMTS sensor close to house, with air conditioning unit nearby, close-by parking, and near new fireplace chimney built into rear wall. Note BBQ also.)


Woodland, CA, measuring the temperature of the parking lot and roof eaves (not a USHCN station but a CWO station)

National Weather Service Forecast Office, Monterey, CA (Temperature shelter next to concrete walk and parking lot with close-by parking)

Lovelock, NV Derby Field. (Aircraft parking within 10 feet of sensor, lightbulb in temperature shelter)





















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