Online Database

We have a growing online database of USHCN, GHCN, and GISS station site surveys on our high speed database server.


Anyone can browse images and site surveys, but if you'd like to participate and upload your own site surveys and photos, we ask that you signup.

It's free and you can register anonymously if you wish by providing a "handle" rather than a name.

To download forms and instructions see this page







Your help is needed to document the measuring environment and equipment condition of weather and climate monitoring stations worldwide.

Anyone with a digital camera, handheld GPS and and basic observation and reporting skills can contribute to this database.

To get started, signup then view and/or download the instructions and site survey form from here of from the online image database at Then familiarize yourself with them, and then choose what stations you want to survey and contribute to this database.

Full credit is given to all contributors of photos and survey forms, or if you wish, you can submit a survey anonymously.

All submissions will be checked for accuracy.